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November Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view our latest newsletter: Win The Investment Race by Navigating Risk In this newsletter we examine risk and particularly: – What types of risk investors face – Risk tolerance – The importance of diversification We hope you enjoy reading it!

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October Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view our latest newsletter: International Trade Barriers Come Tumbling Down In this newsletter we examine Australia's recent signing of Free Trade Agreements by looking at: - Potential upsides and downsides - The backlash - Where you should be investing We hope you enjoy reading it!

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Is your SMSF becoming a burden?

Superannuation is designed to provide retirement benefits and for many, a SMSF is the best vehicle for this. But as those of you who have gone down the SMSF path will know, there is significant costs associated with this, and it is always a good reminder to double check the suitability of an SMSF in meeting your retirement planning needs. Colin Lewis in the Australian Financial Review highlights one of these costs as being that if you are off on a well-deserved overseas trip, you still need to ensure that your fund’s annual return is lodged with the ATO. Whilst this is not impossible to plan around, it certainly is something SMSF trustees should consider. Retirees in particular should also examine if the costs associated [...]

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SMSFs Investing Overseas

Will the recent share market volatility and steep decline in some of the Australian markets favoured stocks finally push SMSF investors overseas? In a recent article by Miranda Maxwell for The Australian, she suggests this trend could finally fuel overseas investments by SMSFs. With the total number of SMSF assets now totalling $590 billion, only $1.8bn was invested in overseas shares in the June quarter, equating to less than 1 per cent. This means that SMSFs are by and large not gaining exposure to firms such as “Apple, Google and Amazon, with their unparalleled revenue streams” and other growth areas such as “healthcare and technology on a scale unavailable locally”. The problem with not looking at overseas, is that as mentioned in our blog post [...]

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Performance of SMSFs vs. Large Super Funds

Cash is king again. That’s what The Future Fund is telling us having shifted another $5 billion into cash since March, taking its cash holdings to 20 per cent. Yet as Andrea Slattery notes in the Australian Financial Review, “there (are) no mutterings about the fund being overweight in cash” given the fund’s 15.4 per cent return to 30 June 2015. Why then, do organisations such as APRA quickly point the finger at SMSFs for having too much cash? Andrea highlights that most them have a “vested interest”, and are quick to view this as “a lack of investment acumen” from SMSF trustees. Official data from the Australian Taxation Office is at odds with these critics, as for the seven years to 30 June 2013, [...]

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Binding Death Benefit Nomination vs Automatically Reversionary Pension

The rules around death benefits inside superannuation, particularly SMSF’s, are very complex and therefore it is vital to have clear and effective legal documents. A recent article by Daniel Butler in The Australian Financial Review reviews this topic by examining whether an Automatically Reversionary Pension (ARP) or a Binding Death Benefit Nomination (BDBN) is ultimately better for ensuring your death benefit is best distributed to your intended beneficiaries. As mentioned in our previous article Is your Binding Death Benefit Nomination valid?, it is important to ensure whatever estate planning documents you have are consistent with your trust deed. Butler highlights this by noting that most deeds “do not have a binding ARP” and therefore a BDBN is more effective as it binds the trustee. Having [...]

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Spring Newsletter

Please click on the link below to view our latest newsletter: Spring 2015 The key topics addressed are: - A look into the share market's recent volatility - The best place to stash your cash - How the great outdoors got its groove back We hope you enjoy reading it!

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AFR Smart Investor Award has recently been ranked second in the Australian Financial Review’s Best SMSF Integrated Administration and Advice Providers. The article appeared in the AFR Smart Investor Magazine and we are most pleased that all of our hard work and commitment to providing the best possible SMSF solution to our clients is being recognised. The 53 SMSF providers that were looked at were ranked on their ability to offer: 1. A comprehensive and affordable set-up service 2. A comprehensive and affordable administration service 3. Online systems that did not require trustees to spend a large amount of time entering data 4. Daily online reporting 5. Year-round compliance 6. Deed, service provider and asset flexibility In addition to finishing second, was also the only provider out [...]

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Should your children be in your SMSF?

We all know that there are numerous advantages to having a self-managed super fund, such as greater control and the flexibility to tailor investment decisions. Increasingly though, there is a trend to promote self-managed super funds as a superannuation solution to meet the needs of an entire family. Whilst there are some benefits to using a SMSF for the whole family, it seems that generally, the downside of doing so outweighs the benefits. A recent article by Alexandra Cain in the Financial Review looks into the potential benefits as well as downsides to shed further light on this trend. Cain highlights that whilst parents are able to represent their children (who are under 18) who are in the fund, it is important to act in [...]

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