16 October 2020

Chris Watling’s most important address ever on the state of the global economy.

There is roughly $2 Trillion dollars sitting in American households that wasn’t there before last Christmas.

Chris Watling sums up in this months video where he discusses the case for an inflationary boom.

Its like having all this money sitting behind a dam wall waiting to burst.

The Vaccine will be the trigger.

Some of his key points are:

The Stock market is already ahead of the curve and is pricing in a vaccine over the next couple of months.

When that happens the markets will be flooded with all this additional spending like we have never seen before.

The Stimulus generally takes 18 months to works its way through the economy.

In the meantime we have to deal with:

  • Cases rising all around the world especially in the U.K and U.S
  • Delinquency rates in property are increasing particularly hotels and offices.
  • Unemployment is increasing.

This is Chris Watling’s most important message for Financial Choice’s clients. He is a world renowned expert and is seen on CNN and CNBC as well as the BBC as the go to person when looking at global markets and asset allocation strategies.

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