11 September 2020

Predicting the future

Can you believe that the Simpson’s cartoon series accurately predicted the future on 10 separate occasions as documented in the series over the last 20+ years.

1. Donald Trump becomes President of the U.S and leaves a record budget deficit to the first female President.

2. The Smart Watch

3. Lady Gaga performs at Superbowl 3 years before it happens.

4. Lisa Simpson predicts the winner of the Super Bowl between 1992 and 1994.

5. Siegfried and Roy mauled by tiger 10 years before it happens.

6. 9/11 image on magazine cover.

7. The Rolling Stones wheelchair tour in 2010 predicted 15 years before.

8. The Auto correct feature on tablets.

9. Disney acquires Fox made in 1998. Came true in 2018.

10. The God particle. The Higgs boson. More than a decade before the true formula was discovered.

So there you have it. If the Simpsons writers can predict some of the major events way before they happen then here is an attempt to make sense of the investment markets now. Here are my 5 big predictions for the next 5 years.

1. Australia’s to come out of the shutdown with double digit growth in 2022.

Although it seems as though Victoria is on the edge of an economic abyss, the record amount of stimulus built up in bank accounts and redraw facilities will be unleashed online and in show rooms to drive record consumption of goods and services.

2. Australia’s housing to boom in 2024.

A record immigration intake is recorded in 2024 because Australia is seen as the safest place on earth because we released the first successful vaccine in the world, and we contained the virus to have the lowest death rate in the Western World. The vaccine was made free to all adults in the first quarter of 2021 and within 12 months, 90% of the population were vaccinated. A follow up booster was required.

3. Australian Universities double their number of applicants in 2023.

Remote learning has now become easier and more affordable and the University Degrees are now in more demand than ever before. Education becomes Australia’s biggest Industry and our largest export. We are now seen as the lucky country and the smartest.

4. Australia’s population grows by 10% in 2024.

With the need to grow the economy by increasing immigration, Australia is besieged by record applications for residency. This has a flow on affect that generates a record economic growth rate.

5. AFL Grand Final moves to Sydney in 2025???.

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